Bli med på Bergen Lovsangsskole for lovsangsledere, sangere, musikere og låtskrivere. Velkommen til åtte månedlige samlinger — fra januar til juni 2019. Du får bibelsk undervisning om en tilbedende livsstil, lærer praktiske ferdigheter og tar del i fellesskapet av tilbedere.

January 5 — “Building your Worship Journey & understanding your role in the worship ministry”

  • Take your personal worship to the next level by learning its transforming power 
  • Learn how to use God’s favourite word for praise
  • Create a worship journey with your set list by understanding the biblical journey through the tabernacle
  • Grow in being an effective worship leader

February 2 – “Prophetic Worship”

  • Understand the difference between prophetic & spiritual songs
  • Practice releasing Heaven’s song
  • Advance spiritual worship in a traditional church
  • Discover how to use your five-fold ministry grace & spiritual gifts in worship

March 2 — Ingelin R. Norheim: “Vocal training, Band dynamics, & sound basics”

This month we will have teaching from Ingelin Reigstad Norheim who will take us to a new level in using our voices in worship. She will spent the morning doing vocal training for the whole class, while in the afternoon she will offer 20 minute personal vocal lessons for 150kr each first come first serve basis. Sign up now to secure your spot by clicking HERE.

During the afternoon lessons you can choose to sit in on the lessons and observe or join the class in practicing band dynamics and flow during worship. We will introduce some helpful music theory tools for your band. We will also introduce some basics that every worship team should know about sound.

April 6: Thomas Wilhelmsen: Songwriting

Writer & co-writer of many songs, such as “Strømmer av Nåde” & “Så dyp en kjærlighet”, Thomas will be teaching us from experience his songwriting techniques and giving you valuable tools to write songs that can influence your church worship.

May 4: Maren & Anders Skarpsno  “Carrying God’s Presence”

Maren & Anders Skarpsno will be joining us this month teaching on Carrying God’s Presence. Living in Levanger and being a part of the Nordic Prayer Center they have been living this. We look forward to what they have to impart to us this month.

June 1  “The power of your song”

  • We will briefly discuss how to include the sound of heaven, sound of earth, & sound of man in your song to make the most impact
  • Find your target audience and area of influence in your song writing for the 7 mountains of society
  •  We will share and evaluate songs written together

  • Bære Guds nærvær
  • Lede andre i tilbedelse
  • Bygge en tilbedelses- og lovsangskultur
  • Stemmebruk og vokaltrening
  • Låtskriving
  • Finn din sang
  • Profetisk lovsang
  • Banddynamikk
  • … og mer!